Tuesday, March 2, 2010

74 Teachers fired in one day, from one school

A poor performing high school in Rhode Island has decided to fire all 93 educators that worked there - teachers, principals, psychologists, counselors.  The whole works.  Not a single one of them was spared.

This raises a whole bunch of questions:

Were all 93 of them that bad?  Certainly there must have been at least a few of them that were good enough to stay...?

Or did that not matter?  Collectively, as a team, were they so bad that they all deserved the same fate as a woefully underperforming unit in the for-profit world?

How would your opinion of this situation change if your kids went to this school?

Now what?  Its not easy finding great teachers and educators and now this school has to find 93 of them in one summer...in one of the poorest performing schools in the state.  Not too easy.


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